About Us

We support cotton farmers of Sierra leone by promoting organic cotton produced by our communities for our weaving project. We support maintaining the forests for obtaining our natural dyes. The demand for cotton has become scarce to none in Sierra Leone. Only a committed business partner who offers long-term financial security over short-term gain can provide the incentives for sustainable farming of cotton and forest management.


One of our partner communities is based in Folu. Folu is located in Jawei Chiefdom, Kailahun District, Sierra Leone.

Communities in Jawei where heavily impacted by the 10 year civil war in Sierra Leone. Since then the chiefdom has suffered the effects of Ebola and Flooding by one of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in the world.

                                                                             Development Action Plan

  • Investment in seeds for growing cotton and farming tools.
  • Seed investment in cloth making tools and equipment 
  • Organising creative programmes, events and activities such as workshops, exchange shared learnings, upscaling farming techniques in villages through BRIC funding.
  • Participating in trade fairs to promote and showcase the heritage wealth of communities.
  • Facilitate the up-skilling of local leadership skills
  • Mobilising talent around the country to participate in our trainings programs.
  • Capital investment in more physical creative spaces for cultural heritage enterprises in villages and towns to work and market. 
  • All proceeds from sales go back into cost of production and pooled financing of microcredit grants of £100/£50 for qualifying artisans.

Buy Your Own Traditional Cloth!

We promote weaving in Sierra Leone by creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged weavers through our workshops and sales. We create and support a safe and healthy environment for weavers, by providing them with flexible and healthier working conditions with more control.